Air transport

Designed from the start with transport duties in mind

DAHER developed its TBM family with a comfortable, quiet and dual zone air temperature cabin for discerning customers such as corporations and pilot-owners, selling well over 600 aircraft worldwide for use in passenger transport.

This success underscores the TBM-MMA’s ability to effectively serve in military and government fleets for VIP, liaison and logistics missions. Its cabin seats four to five passengers in comfort, and the aircraft’s jet-like performance – along with the ability to operate at airports that would not be assessable by business jets – contributes to the TBM-MMA’s flexibility. DAHER has proved the TBM reliability and then logically be awarded by EASA in June 2013 the first single engine public transport authorization.

The modern all-glass cockpit ensures full operability in civil and military airspace while using the latest avionics to ensure high levels of situational awareness for pilots, thereby increasing flight safety. The TBM logically is used for pilot training.

State-of-the-art systems incorporated in the TBM MMA include:

  • Synthetic vision
  • Precision-Area Navigation (P-RNAV), Wide Area Augmentation System-European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (WAAS-EGNOS) navigation with vertical profile display (VNAV)
  • Localizer Performance with Vertical guidance (LPV) approaches
  • Jeppesen Chartview and check-list display
  • Traffic Advisory System (TAS)
  • Terrain awareness and warning system (TAWS)
  • Satellite communications, directly connected to the headsets and controlled via the multi-function display

The TBM MMA is RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minima) certified and equipped with dual Mode S transponder.  Its digital autopilot provides assistance and protection, new ergonomic yoke and single lever enabling safe and straightforward single pilot operation.

In addition, the TBM is equipped with full icing protection and a digital color weather radar with Doppler effect, allowing all-weather operations.

DAHER’s TBM 900 and 850 passenger version have the unique capability of tailoring the passenger cabin to meet operators’ needs. Its middle seats can be oriented in a forward-facing position or rearward or simply removed. As a result of its interior flexibility, the TBM 850 can be reconfigured to various combinations – from the six-seater layout to a full cargo cabin – in approximately 30 minutes.