Medical evacuation for time-sensitive operations

The TBM-MMA’s operational flexibility enables this multi-mission aircraft to be deployed on time-sensitive MEDEVAC (medical evacuation) missions.  Patient loading and unloading is facilitated by the large 1.19 x 1.08-meter (47 x 42-inch) cargo door and specific angled load ramp, located on the fuselage’s left side behind the wing.

While cruising at 14,500 ft., the TBM-MMA maintains a comfortable sea-level cabin altitude, while its turboprop engine and well-built airframe and reduce stress on the patient by providing an environment with less vibration and noise.

Support systems and equipment for the TBM-MMA in its MEDEVAC role include:

  • A stretcher with patient restraint system.
  • A 3,500 liter oxygen tank with remote oxygen fill port.
  • Three independent outlets with 230 Volt power supply.
  • A compressed air system, and
  • A vacuum pump.

Real-time connections to hospital facilities can be made via a satellite relay system that enables voice, e-mail and SMS communications, ensuring a dual communication and allowing to adapt to the treatment and improving the patient transfer.