Multi-role, long range and endurance

The TBM family of aircraft combines a powerful, highly reliable turboprop engine, rugged airframe, advanced aerodynamics and state-of-the-art glass cockpit for a multi-role platform capable of performing a full range of missions.

Its Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6A-66D powerplant is unmatched in performance, simple design, efficiency, low cost of operation and easy maintenance – and is recognized as one of the most reliable aircraft engines ever built. The TBM 900 is powered by the 850 shp. PT6A version, while the predecessor TBM 700 utilizes the 700 shp. variant.

TBM aircraft have a maximum cruise speed of 330 kts. (611 km/h) and maximum operational speed of 266 kts., with a 31 000-ft. (9,450 m) operational ceiling. They cover ranges to 1,730 (3,204 km) nautical miles (with reserves), offering a flight autonomy of approximately 6 hours 45 min.

Capable of operating from runways shorter than required by a jet, the TBM 900 version’s time-to-climb to 31,000 ft. is 18 min. 45 sec. Maximum takeoff weight for the TBM 900 is 3,354 kg. (7,394 lb.), with a maximum payload of 703 kg. (1,550 lb.) for its ISR version.

6H30 flight profile

6H30 flight profile

Proximity flight profile

Proximity flight profile

  • For range performance in typical regional scenarios, see the range finder map.

    Disclaimer: Distances calculated may be approximative. Wind is not taken into consideration. No flight can be based on this application. Please consult the Aircraft Pilot Operating Handbook (POH) for flight planning purposes.

    — Long Range Cruise – 252 KTS – 6.8h – 1,730 NM

    Max Cruise – 330 KTS – 4.3h – 1,440 NM

    (ISA conditions – FL310 – 45 min reserve – payload 900 LB)