Flight test

Flight testing for the full range of scenarios

DAHER’s own fully-operational Flight Test Center has complete resources to perform a wide range of evaluations, from basic and advanced flight test, certification, qualification flights to acceptance tests, maintenance check flights and ferry flights.

One of its specialties is the validation of special mission installations – particularly with the integration of radomes, turrets, antennas, pylons, external stores and other internal/external modifications to the aircraft.

Its pilots, technicians and engineers are rated on fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, and have demonstrated their capabilities in conducting a full range of test scenarios – including vibration, acoustic, pressure, temperature and system compatibility tests – all of which backed up by data treatment services from DAHER.

In addition, the DAHER Flight Test Center supports the installation of flight test equipment, and provides assistance in creating flight test installations for manufacturers and operations who do not yet have their own (for example: Beechcraft King Air 350ER), and also offers assistance with flight test-related documents.