Airframe modification

End-to-end expertise for airframe modification

As an aircraft manufacturer, DAHER brings comprehensive expertise required for developing, implementing and certifying airframe modifications required in the integration of multi-mission sensors and systems.

With the capabilities of a design office that is certified to European Part 21 Subpart J Design Organization Approval or APDOA (Alternative Process Design Organization Agreement), and demonstrated skills in large-scale systems integration, DAHER is ready to deliver packages with equipment acquisition, installation and qualification, as well as solutions using customer-supplied systems.

DAHER’s production of its own TBM very fast turboprop aircraft family (certified Part 21 Subpart G) – along with the company’s role as a subcontractor for Airbus, Dassault. Eurocopter and others – ensures full-scale production resources for metallics and composites, backed by non-destructive testing and quality inspection.

Airframe modifications performed by DAHER-SOCATA include the integration of deployable sensor turrets; fairings, radomes and antennas; underwing and under-fuselage hardpoints; along with the corresponding installation of cabin consoles for the operation of special mission equipment.

DAHER’s expertise in large-scale systems integration includes design and engineering, parts and integration, associated manuals and customer support.  Its work is performed to EN 9100 quality standards.